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Tuition & Refund Policy



Tuition for the course is $400 if paid in full at the time of enrollment.


A Payment Plan is available.  If you wish to select the payment plan, you will make an initial deposit of $200.  The balance will be paid in two monthly installments of $120.00 each for a total of $440, with installments starting one month after the start of class.



Any refund due to the student will  be based on the prorated number of classes attended out of the thirty (30) classes required for the course.

Ex:  Students attends 6 classes.  6/30 = 20%, refund is $400 less 20%.

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About Us

Northern Nevada Real Estate School's programs are approved by the Nevada Commission on Post Secondary Education.  The school has fully licensed instructors.  In business since 1974, the school is owned and operated by Michelle Braselton Roper.


About the School


The school specializes in preparing the individual with all the current information and latest state regulatory practices regarding the sale of real estate in Nevada.


About the Classes


Two consecutive 5-week sessions, in real estate principles and real estate law, are accredited for six semester credits by the Nevada Division of Real Estate.


Our Purpose


Our programs are designed to qualify the student to apply for a salesman's real estate license and to prepare the student for a successful career in real estate.


More about the Classes


The classes are conducted three days a week for ten consecutive weeks.  An individual may choose to attend either morning or evening sessions, to suit their schedule.  Morning sessions are 9am-12noon, evening sessions are 6pm-9pm.  Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.




A student must attend a minimum of 90 hours, complete all homework and reading assignments and maintain an average of 75% or above.  Also, two supervised examinations for the course are mandatory. A minimum grade of 75% is required on each exam to receive credit.

Our next class starts APRIL 6!  Enroll now by clicking the ENROLL tab at the top of the page or by contacting the school at

(775) 829-1055.

A message from Michelle regarding COVID-19

As you know, we are in uncharted territory.  We are monitoring the CDC, World Health Organization and local Health Department news regarding the virus.  Currently, all classes will continue to take place as scheduled.  Our next classroom session is scheduled to start April 6, 2020, however at least the first four weeks will be done on a web based platform.  This will still include instruction by me, and I will be available to answer your questions.  


Also, we have received new guidance from the Nevada Real Estate Division regarding Post Licensing Classes and how we might conduct those in an online classroom setting.  It is my intention to still have our Post Licensing class which is scheduled for April 23-25, but handled online.

We recommend all students, and their family members, remain conscientious in maintaining their own health and that of their families.  Please consider the health of others when attending classes, especially if you have exhibited any symptoms of the virus or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or been exposed. Students should make the best decisions based on their own assessment of classroom attendance when considering all verifiable information available.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the best source for current information regarding communicable diseases.  Their website can be found at

Dianne will be retrieving messages and answering emails remotely.  We are closing the office to the public through April 30.  She will be available by phone and email from 1:00-5:00, Monday - Thursday.  Ideally, we will be mailing all course materials to anyone who signs up online. We are deep cleaning the school, including student desks, during this break.  Upon commencement of classes, all desks and general areas will be thoroughly sanitized between the morning and evening classes.

On a personal note, your health and safety is our upmost concern.  We are truly a small, family-owned local business.  While I own the school and teach all of the classes, Dianne is my mom and helps me with running the operation.  At 70 years old, with my step-dad being 79, they both fall into the category of "at risk".  We want you to stay healthy, but we want to remain healthy as well! I believe the small businesses may suffer the most from this evolving crisis.  If you have a small business yourself, I wish you the best of luck in this trying time.  If you don't have a small business, I ask that you consider supporting local small businesses during this time. Many businesses are offering options so you may continue to patronize them without direct contact with staff or other customers.  I have faith in our community that we can not only survive, but thrive during this event.

Thank you for your understanding.  We will continue to work together to ensure our classrooms remain a healthy and positive learning environment for students.


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