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18 hours of Nevada law education covering NRS 645, 119 & 119A and NAC 645, 119 & 119A. All Nevada law courses are offered as correspondence, but the student is welcome to sit in on the classroom section covering Nevada law. Please contact the school directly for the next class time of Nevada law, or view the class schedules on the main website.   If you enroll in the 120-hour class, Nevada Law is included; you DO NOT need to add this class.  Please review 2022 Course Catalog under documents tab before enrolling. 

18 hour Nevada Law Course - CORRESPONDENCE

  • After paying for the class online, please bring your confirmation to our office to pick up your textbook and class supplies.

    You may choose to have the course material sent to you for an additional cost of $7.  Please contact the school directly after registering to arrange for shipping.  This will be a separate charge done directly with the school.

  • If the student applies to the school IN WRITING within THREE days after receiving the initial lesson material from the school, he/she may cancel and receive a refund for the course cost, less a $20 NON REFUNDABLE registration fee.  ALL NNRES COURSE MATERIALS MUST BE RETURNED AT THAT TIME, UNUSED AND IN NEW CONDITION.

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